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Makedon.pl – integration through the experience

The Special Task Guys – that is how they call us. It is hardly modest, but we have to admit, that is kind of justified. We make the things, that other consider to be impossible. We know how to transform the individualism into integrated power, skepticism into trust, imperfectness into strength. “Impossible”, “stagnant”, “routine” and “fear” – these are the words that sound completely odd for us. Each day, we help the others to build their Teams. Teams consisting of people that not only perform great, but also enjoy their company.

We have travelled a long, difficult way, the best training – we learned everything we teach to others on our own skin. Each of us is different, but despite it, or maybe rather thanks to it, we formed a group of a close friends and for the past dozen or so years, we stamp all continents with the EXTREME TEAM brand. We were born for the adventure. We are professionals. Always in motion. In pursuit of a new challenges.
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